İstanbul En İyi Restaurantlar

Looking for something fast but freaking delicious ? We have created for you a most delicious restaurants in Istanbul those you can eat quickly.Check our 5 picks for Istanbul 5 Most Delicious Fast Serving Restaurants

1-J Burger

J Burger Caddebostan

You cannot find this hidden gem on already created popular lists around.J Burger is one of the most delicious burger restaurant in Istanbul without doubt.We suggest you to try their Cheeseburger,Beefburger and Chickenburger.They got fame with their secret sauce which contains Honey.They replaced Classical Mayonnaise with their secret sauce.Don’t forget to drink their homemade Ayran!


Zula Burger

Can’t get over Burgers in Istanbul!But trust RDM we are only suggesting you the best of bests.So here we are, Zula is in the heart of the city and ready to prepare you the best classical burgers in town.Zula’s success coming from their passion and obviously from their ingredients.They also offer Hot Dog and Taco, you can also try them if you want but our choice is Zula’s Burger


Metet Döner

In 21st century its not that hard anymore to find Döner or Shawarma in any city.There is lot of name created for Döner, but most popular ones are Döner and Shawarma for sure.As we mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph yes you can find Döner nearly any city in the world however this one will be unforgettable for you.Yes,its guaranteed that you will never forget this Döner in your life!Watch how they prepare your food for you, they are using most old school method to create most delicious food.Besides of their Döner you should also try their homemade potatoes and local yogurt.As a bonus feature of Metet you will see one of the most beautiful and historic place in Istanbul called Kanlıca 

4-Miss Pizza

Miss Pizza Cihangir

Feel the experience of Turkish Stone Oven masters while you are eating one of the best Pizza spot in city.There are tons of alternative Pizza’s in the menu ready to full-fill your local pizza experience.We believe at least you will fall in love with 2 alternative Pizza’s.Miss Pizza’s location is so close to Soho House Istanbul, yes that means you can go and grab cocktail there!

5-Kardeşim Mantı

Kardeşim Mantı

Time to become a Real Local!Again one of the most beautiful place in Istanbul called Emirgan hosts for us a city’s best local Mantı spot.In case you don’t know what is Mantı, it is something similar Wonton.We strongly suggest you to taste all the options in the menu.Don’t worry there is only 2 option you can try, so go for it!

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