İstanbul En İyi Restaurantlar

Dispute all the negativity Istanbul has to be in your Bucket List.There are lot of things you can do that we’re sure that it will be your first time.Currently there is no any Michelin Star Restaurant in Istanbul.Yes, even no one star!However there are chef’s that has even 3 Star Michelin.

The city’s location making a bridge to European and Asian culture allows for cuisine inspired by international ingredients and styles, while magnificent and fresh seafood is regularly at the forefront of Istanbul’s best restaurants.You can find here our picks of the best restaurants in Istanbul, Turkey.

Glens Nişantaşı

Glens Roof Nişantaşı

Glens Nişantaşı is placed on Roof Top in Nish Palas Hotel.Glens has unique view of city of istanbul.We suggest you to go before sunset so that you can see the city with sunshine and also under the start in the next hours.You can start your night with their great cocktail than you can continue with some great local wines such as Chamlıja or Urla.Glens has a great variety of exquisite food.You should try their shrimp and seafood linguine.

Glens Nişantaşı RDM Point

Beymen Brasserie Nişantaşı

Beymen Brasserie Nişantaşı

Beymen Brasserie is popular place for Eat,Drink&Chat.Its located on famous street called Abdi İpekçi where all the world famous brands located.You should go there to catch up the rhythm of the city and also understand the crowd.If we talk about food there is no doubt that Beymen Brasserie is one of the best delicious kitchens in the Istanbul.

Beymen Brasserie RDM Point

J Burger Caddebostan

J Burger Caddebostan

Now please forget about Fine Dining and lets do it like a local, shall we ? In the Asia Side of Istanbul there is Burger Restaurant called J Burger they have a unique style of doing it because of their ingredients.They created sauce for to replace mayonnaise and make it more sweet.Don’t judge before you try.Nearly every piece of thing is made by them in their kitchen like ketchup and bread.We are suggesting you to test BeefBurger,CheeseBurger and ChickenBurger with again local made Ayran.You will not regret to go there because after you finish your burgers you will walk to istanbul most beautiful and one of the longest street called Bağdat Street.Randomly go some place there and grab a coffee.

J Burger RDM Point